Wags-to-Wishes Doggie Day Care

Day Care rates start at $20.00 per day!

Overnight rates are as follows:

$25.00 (extra small dog)
$27.00 (small dog)
$29.00 (medium dog)
$32.00 (large dog)
$35.00 (extra large dog)

Extended or overnight stays includes morning and midday snacks, administering medication as required and walks every 3-4 hours. We ask that you feed your pet before and after daycare. Or for a small daily fee,we can feed your pet our food,what is " taste of the Wild". Please bring your doggie's favorite food in a sealed container for overnight stays.

We are offering dog walking in our surrounding area for $18 per walk.
Also we offer feeding your cat when you are away in our surrounding area for $15 per feeding.

"Overnight Discount Packages"

Discounts are availablefor extended stays and are applicable after two weeks.

From 15 - 25 days: 10% off
26 - 50 days: 15% off
51 - 75 days: 20% off
75 days on: 25% off

If you pick up your dog before eleven , there will be no extra charges for daycare.

"Daycare Discount Packages"

10 days Daycare Package $185.00 for additional dog $2 off
20 days Daycare Package $340.00 for additional dog $2 off
Transportaion per Transport/dog $5.00 per trip and $2 for any additional dog
Transportation 10 days package p/u&d/o $100.00
Transportation 20 days package p/u&d/o $150.00/month

Required Interview $25 - In order to properly evaluate your pet and make sure your he or she will be comfortable - we do require a one time interview. This initial visit also serves as a getting-to-know each other visit and very often eases the stress the next time you bring in your pet. Please plan on leaving your pet for 4-6 hours for orientation.

Bathing Starting at: $20
Superbath (Bath, blow dry, outer ears & teeth plus nail clip)

Starting price for small dogs under 20lbs. Prices wil be adjusted $5-10 for medium dogs and $10-15 for large dogs. Dematting is extra and billed by time required.